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Miraflor Natural Reserve

Department: Estelí

Municipality: Esteli (view on map)

Type: Natural Reserves

Predominant Forest
Cloud forest
Type of Reserve
Public Natural Reserve



  • miraflorcabigon wrote on Dec 5, 2013:

    hay may name is A miraflor

  • Else wrote on Jul 18, 2012:

    Miraflor is a paradise of fog forest in the nature preserve of the northern region that we enjoyed from the comforts and hospitality of Lindos Ojos - complete with cute cabins with hot water and little verandas, the best organic coffee I ever tasted (the actually grow it right there) and some incredible food. We explored the large finca on horse back, hiking with the guide from the finca and swimming in the mountain stream. What seems different about this finca is that they actually have quite a bit of land attached so you can hike and ride at your hearts content. Our kids loved it!!
    BTW the hosts helped us arrange transportation, so no need for car rentals or local busses :)

  • Jane Sza wrote on Jun 30, 2012:

    I wrote my comment about Finca Neblina del Bosque in Miraflor.

  • Jane Sza wrote on Jun 30, 2012:

    This finca was recommended to us by friends, but we were not prepared for the beauty of not only the location but also the cabins that we stayed in. The attention to detail of the cabins and the outdoor showers was amazing. Isabel and Edward were so friendly and accommodating, to the point where meals were anytime you wanted them and you were always given a couple of delicious options. Filtered water was always available, which was appreciated seeing their concern for the environment and not wanting to make waste with purchasing bottled water for consumption. For travelers who were concerned about the water quality there was a pulperia a short 10 minute walk away where there was bottled water, and various other snacks available for purchase. Meals were made with local produce, plentiful and delicious. They are in the process of completing a pagoda with more accommodation that is going to be amazing. Spectacular views, camp fires under starlit skies, good food and friendly, hard-working people who are committed to their community and the environment, made this stay a highlight of our 5 weeks in Central America. We wish them every success in the future.

  • Colin wrote on Jan 18, 2012:

    I have visited the Finca Lindos Ojos over the last weekend of July 2011. It was amazing. Mauciel & Martina, the local couple who helps make the mountain resort run were so, so kind. Gene & his daughter, the owners (unfortunately, Gene's wife was traveling), were super accomodating, and the food was amazing. Hiking through mountains to the beautiful mirador in the first picture on this website, hke or horseback ride to a waterfall, fresh & real organic coffee, beef stew and mashed potatoes our first night, fresh mint tea, and the list will go on and on. I love it, it's so special. The cloud forest is receding because of global warming, so visit it while it's here! Viva Nicaragua! Such a beautiful country, amazing food, and special people, especially my wife!

  • lina wrote on Aug 24, 2009:

    Look at this web site about Miraflor:
    There are lots of interesting pictures!!!

  • wrote on Jan 24, 2006:

    There is no admission fee - this is not really a closed reserve but rather a large area that can be accessed through regular roads. However, you might want to stay overnight, or hire a guide or horses, which involves costs. For theses costs, contact UCA Miraflor (see contact details on the Miraflor page).

  • Carmen wrote on Jan 24, 2006:

    This gave me much information on the Miraflor Natural Reserve. But how much is admission?

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Miraflor is a unique natural reserve located about 30 kilometers away from the city of Estelí. The park measures 254 km² and there are three different climates on the zone: dry at the lower area, intermediate and humid, as well as a predominant cold forest. Miraflor is not a common natural reserve. In addition to the areas of untouched nature, Miraflor is also inhabited by farmers who grow crops and raise cattle.

One of the main attraction of this reserve is its biodiversity. The zone is one of the richest in orchids; there are more than 200 species of them and the most common is the national flower of Costa Rica, which is the Catteleya Skinniri. The orchids of Miraflor grow in different spots, such as threes (the most known) and the ones that grow on rocks and on the ground, which are the most colorful and rare.

The park houses nine communities, all making a living from agriculture. The UCA foundation (unrelated to Universidad Centro Americana, also known as UCA) works on improving ecological farming in the area and has several programs to help the communities produce ecological products, coffee being the most important one.

They also have set up accommodation at the farms. The housing offered is very simple and basic services but provides a great way to see how the farmers in Miraflor live. In addition, they have trained local tourist guides that will teach visitors about the flora and fauna of the region. All the farms are located inside the park, so it also means you will be in touch with nature. When visitors slowly wake up as the sun rises and the birds start to sing, they will experience the difference between urban areas and the rustic countryside of Miraflor. The climate is also a bit different in Miraflor. Because of the altitude, it can get kind of chilly at night. but the temperature quickly rises during daytime. Miraflor also has private lodging options located at the cold forest.


  • Visiting the Miraflor Natural Reserve
  • Horseback riding on Miraflor Natural Reserve
  • Hiking at Miraflor Natural Reserve
  • Getting There

    When visiting Miraflor be sure to make a reservation through the lodgings and hotels of the area. There you can arrange guides and horses as well. The gravel road to Miraflor is bumpy and gets dusty during the dry season. A high clearance car is recommended. The park is located 32 kilometers from Estelí, and it will take around 45 minutes in your own car.

    Another option is taking one of the buses that go there. The bus schedule is 6:00 AM, 12:00 PM and 3:45 Pm from Cotran Norte to Yalí, Miraflor. This will take an hour and a half.

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