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Catarina Viewpoint

Department: Masaya

Municipality: Catarina (view on map)

Type: Viewpoints



  • ElĂ­as Morales wrote on Jun 6, 2017:

    Loved it! A beautiful view and the weather was cool.
    Nicaragua was hot, but Catarina had fair weather. I rode on a taxi-moto and toured the city: it was a pretty town.

  • Bernard Sebranek wrote on Jan 21, 2013:

    Since the first time to Catarina I have been able to return over a half dozen times! Happily with my mother at my side. We both always enjoy the view as well as sharing some good food and drink. The shopping is always fun to! We have made it a point every year when we return to Nicaragua to take a trip or 2 to Catarina. If I could someday owqn property in Nicaragua, Catarina would be in the top 10 as far as places to live. I look forward to returning again in 2013.

  • maicol santamaria ramos. wrote on May 22, 2011:


  • Carlos Mondragón wrote on Nov 12, 2010:

    I've been to this place twice. The first time I went to relax and admire the spectacular view surrounding me. The las time I trekked down to the Apoyo Lagoon from Catarina. Althought the road was sloping and rocky, it was an exciting adventure.
    Check my shots at:

  • Juan C Morales wrote on Oct 11, 2006:

    Catarina is truly an amazing place, the people, the town, the atmosphere, all I can say is WOW!!. I must say that all the places I have visited in Nicaragua have left me with the desire to comeback, my first trip to Catarina was in the year 2000 and have gone back to Nicaragua every year after that.

  • Bernard Sebranek wrote on Jan 16, 2006:

    My mother was born and raised in Nicaragua. She left in 1958 and finally returned this Christmas after almost 50 years. I had the honor of going back with her to realize my heritage. Catarina was one of the first places we went to after arriving in Managua. It is one of the most beautiful places that I experienced on my trip. The views are breathtaking just about every where you look. If you go, make sure you are there to experiecnce the sunset. Truly Nicaragua has the most beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen! The people of Nicaragua should be very proud to have such incredible beauty outside their doors every day. I thank God for letting me experience Catarina. I am anxious to return.

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Catarina is a town close to Masaya, overlooking the Apoyo Lagoon. Catarina is famous for this magnificent observation point of the lagoon, as well as for its nurseries.

The viewpoint of Catarina is one of the highest hills surrounding the Apoyo Lagoon, and the view from there is superb. You can see the whole lagoon as well as Lake Nicaragua behind it. The Mombacho volcano borders the lake and is also prominently present.

The Catarina viewpoint is a popular place among Nicaraguans during weekends, when families and friends gather here to enjoy the view, grab a bite in one of the restaurants, or have a look through one of the telescopes. These visitors attract salesmen and singers who wander around trying to sell their products or songs. The atmosphere still is quite relaxing during the weekend though, and if you really prefer to be here when there are only few people around you can simply go there during weekdays.

There are also some souvenir shops around the viewpoint where you can buy some locally produced handcrafts.

Catarina is also known for its fertile soil and it is a hotspot of nurseries. There are many small outside shops where trees, plants, palms, and other garden-material is being sold. People come even from Managua to buy there plants here.

The entrance fee is charged as follows:

National pedestrian: C$10
Foreigner pedestrian: C$20
Motorbike: C$10
Car: C$20
Small buses: C$40
National bus: C$100
International bus: C$150

Getting There

You can get to Catarina by taking a right just after Masaya (coming from Managua; if you come from Granada you’ll have to take a left just before Masaya). You will see the signs. Just keep following this road for some 15 more minutes and you will enter the town. For the viewpoint you will have to take a left – you’ll see the huge CATARINA signboard. You can also grab a bus or taxi from Masaya.

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