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Department: Rivas

Municipality: San Juan del Sur (view on map)





  • ScubaDiver1 wrote on Feb 18, 2010:

    When visiting San Juan del Sur you can go diving with Fidel Lopez a PADI Instructor located from the corner of the city market 20 meters south. This is the only diving operation in the pacific of Nicaragua.

  • Gary wrote on Dec 29, 2009:

    I was in the Iguana area in november .Before I went I looked for a dive shop/tour and could not find one.I read in a travel guide that the only dive shop on the western coast ,which was in San Juan Del Sur closed due to a problem between the two partners.Anyway,
    could you confirm if there is or is not any dive outfits in this area?
    Thank you.

  • Filip wrote on Dec 7, 2009:

    The price for an open water is 350 USD in dec 2009.

  • Sanna wrote on Apr 18, 2009:

    With my husband e went to San Juan Juan del Sur during Christmas time. Our intention was to dive. Unfortunately that did not materilialize. A guy from the reception of our hotel helped us to organise the diving trip. We rented the diving equipment from a store called Neptuna. That did not turn out to be very good one. We realised that one of the BCDs did not work, one tank was empty, the other regulator did not work properly and one of the fins was broken. How many other things could still have gone wrong?

    During the Easter time we went to Little Corn Island and had totally different experience with Dolphin Dive. Everything worked in excellent way and the instructors were professional. Therefore if you want to dive in Nicaragua I definitely recomment Little Corn Island and Dolphin Dive.

  • julio castaƱeda wrote on Mar 22, 2006:

    scuba diving was an already past experience for me until I found it again here in Nicaragua. Taking a short course with well trainned instructors, guided me again to one of the most beautiful watersports. Higly reccomended!!!!

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