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Pearl Cays

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Laguna de Perlas (view on map)

Type: Cays and islands



  • wrote on Mar 16, 2020:

    this gives you no infomation

  • annemie wrote on Mar 24, 2008:

    Wonderfull, really little pearls !!!! Unfortunatelly the nicest of all has been sold to an American who does not like visitors on "his" island !

    Rough ride when there is some wind but very nice to spend your day snorkling, swimming, relaxing, thinking YOU are Robinson Crusoë !

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Sun, beach, and a private, tropical setting can all be found at the Pearl Cays. The group of islands called the Pearl Cays is located in the Caribbean Sea, about 35 kilometers from the town of Pearl Lagoon. The secluded islands offer a great place for a relaxing day-trip.

A trip around the Pear Cays starts early in the morning, departing from Pearl Lagoon in a private boat. The views are splendid along the way and the water will gradually turn from darkish grey to turquoise blue. On the way to the Pearl Cays, it is also possible to see dolphins pass by!

The islands will be reached after a one-hour ride that can be a little bumpy at the end. The captain then selects one of the many tropical, palm-covered islands to enter. White beaches, blue water, and green palms are all part of the deal. Visitors can enjoy their private island as they like: sunbathing on the beach, reading a book under a palm tree or swimming in the warm Caribbean water. The clear water also allows for snorkeling and even spear-fishing.

Another option is to do some fishing around the islands. Small and large tropical fish are plentiful in these rich waters, and fish like grunt, snapper, nose-fish and stonefish can all be found here. The freshly caught fish can also be taken back to the island to be served as lunch!

It is also possible to visit more than one island. Not only can other islands be reached by boat, but depending on the location it can also be an option to swim to another island.

After a day full of sun, beach, and relaxation the boat will return to the town of Pearl Lagoon.

Getting There

Visits to the Pearl Cays can be arranged at hotels or with fishermen in Pearl Lagoon. Generally, there is a flat fee for the boat and gasoline, and a fee per person for lunch and snorkel equipment. Depending on the gas prices, the boat rental costs around US$250 for a boat that can hold up to ten people. Lunch will cost around US$5 per person. It is obviously cost-effective to rent the boat with a large group.