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Department: RAAS

Municipality: Laguna de Perlas



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  • Griega Sambola wrote on Nov 4, 2008:

    Orinoco is a very beautiful Garifuna community.I encourage you to take a trip.You will enjoy swimming in the lagoon,fishing,eating traditional food,listening to traditional music,but most of all you will enjoy visiting the Pentecostal church where you can praise and worship God with freedom.Quest what?you would be amaze to hear the sound of those instrument and the lovely voice of those young people.

  • cumps wrote on Mar 24, 2008:

    We arrived "by accident" to the garifouna village of Orinoko when our boat broke down on the way to the keys.... But it was a great opportunity to see the people living in this tiny little village, far away from everything... Nice for a strowl in the village and some swimming in the lagoon with the local kids !

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