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Hiking Las Banderas Hill

Department: Estelí

Municipality: Esteli

Type: Hiking



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One of the offered activities is climbing this hill, the trail culminates in a small rustic viewpoint from where the island of Ometepe can be seen. The hike, which lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, starts from the community of Sonzapote and is accompanied by a local guide, who charges US$8 per group. During the hike you pass a small forest where there is a big diversity of insects and birds. At some places there are rests of statues and some pre-Columbian stones.

Once at the viewpoint, the visitors can relax on rustic and wooden benches and adore the perfect cone of the volcano Concepción and part of the volcano Maderas at the island of Ometepe. During the walk through th comunity you can enjoy the view of the volcano Mombacho, the outline of the shore and the small surrounding islands of Zapatera.

In the area there are three more activities offered by the comunity of Sonzapote, like the hike to the pre-Columbian stones, hike the Zapatera Hill and practice artisanal fishing.

Getting There

Getting to: Las Banderas Hill

The easiest way to get to the island Zapatera is from he port of Asese, Granada. There is no public transportation to the island, the only way is to charter a private boat. Another way is to contact the Community of Sonzapoe (for information see “useful contacts”).