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Sport Fishing en Las Peñitas

Department: León

Municipality: León (view on map)

Type: Sport Fishing



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The Pacific Ocean in front of Las Peñitas is a great place for sport fishing. This is generally not done in a luxurious boat and with first class fishing equipment. Rather, the local fishermen offer to take visitors on their open fishing boats and show them the fishing grounds they know. The activity, however, can still be great fun and very successful, while providing extra income to the fishermen from the small town of Las Peñitas.

Fishing trips generally start at 6AM, and take between 2 to 6 hours, depending on the client. Among the fish that can be caught is wahoo, sailfish, "maji maji", mackerel, red snapper, and roosterfish. The price is US$35 per hour for up to four people, including fishing rods, Rapala Magnum Lures, life jackets, cell phones, and bait. The boat engines can be 40 or 60 HP, providing space to up to four visitors (preferably three). It is possible to fish year-round, with November and December being the best months.

Be sure to bring an ID, sun block, hat, and enough drinking water (can also be arranged in Las Peñitas, compulsory to bring). Because of the intense heat out on the ocean the maximum age is 70 and fishers should have no heart problems.

For arranging this trip, contact one of the hotels along the beach (among them Barca de Oro, see contact information to the left). Fisherman Antonio Gonzalez can also be contacted (8766675). Book at least one day in advance (deposit required).