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Kayaking at the Padre Ramos Estuary

Department: Chinandega

Municipality: El Viejo (view on map)

Type: Kayaking



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Kayakers can expect to see a variety of tropical bird species including herons, egrets, ibis, frigatebirds, storks, and parakeets. On the water, a dugout canoe or motorboat full of local fisherman with their catch of the day can be seen. From the seat of a kayak, it is possible to enjoy the serenity of the water and the tropical beaches. There are also opportunities to hike to striking vistas and to paddle for miles in the winding waterways. In addition, visitors will pass through rural fishing communities by foot and by kayak. Padre Ramos offers a cultural perspective surrounded by natural beauty during an outdoor adventure.

Kayak trips can be undertaken throughout the year, and will generally take between two and six hours, depending on the group. It can be a great daytrip when in the area, and it can also be part of a multiple-day visit to the Padre Ramos reserve, combining it with hikes or other explorations of this estuary reserve.

Practical information

Be sure to bring binoculars and a camera. If they are not waterproof, it might be a good idea to give them to the guide. For those who like to combine the kayak trip with a dip in the water, a swimsuit and towel should not be forgotten. Kayaking is relatively easy and no experience is required.

Kayak trips should be organized in advance as there is little tourism infrastructure in the area. Specific kayak tours are offered by specialist operators (see contact information to the right).

Getting There

Getting to: Estuary Padre Ramos

The Padre Ramos Reserve can be reached in several ways. The most common route is to get to the small town of Jiquilillo, located right next to the reserve. This small, rural beach town is located some 40 kilometers from Chinandega. From here it is about 9 more kilometers north over a dirt road. The reserve can generally be accessed in low-clearance vehicles, but especially during the rainy season a high-clearance vehicle is recommended. From Chinandega, it takes about an hour to get to the entrance of the reserve.

There are bus than come until the stuari from El Viejo city. From Chinandega, you can take a bus to El Viejo.