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Hiking at the La Flor Beach

Department: Granada

Municipality: Granada

Type: Hiking



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As a wildlife refuge, La Flor Beach is a suitable place for the massive arrival of sea turtles. It also has an interesting ecosystem that gathers diverse species of coastal flora and fauna withing an attractive natural spot. Taking this into account, managers of the reserve offer a hike through the majority of the area.

The walk is led by one of the guards, and starts near the home base of La Flor, in nesting area located in front of the beach. One beings walking on the Tamarindo trail, which runs along the beach, but then one takes other trails that go in the opposite direction of the coast, through an old pasture area that is now covered by vegetation or has been reforested. Here you can see huge trees of Janissaries, mangoes and other species, as well as large colonies of concrete, squirrels, howler monkeys and birds like the hawk, among many others.

The route goes back to the beach, on the southern tip of the small bay of La Flor. It continues along the sand and through the small estuary of La Flor, a place of quiet waters where various birds live. Tourists can see different species of crabs and seabirds passing by or hunting. The walk ends at the base area.

The complete tour takes about an hour and thirty minutes, but you can get alternative paths and make it shorter. The hike is available for everyone throughout the year. It is only necessary to ask for a guide at La Flor's base house. The fee is US$10 per group.

Getting There

Getting to: La Flor Beach Natural Reserve

To get to La Flor, you need to go south from San Juan del Sur (150 km from Managua). Take to road in the direction of El Ostional. You will hit a dirt road after about 18 kilometers, which is fairly good but a high clearance vehicle is recommended. From there, there are signs that guide you to the La Flor beach. A high-clearance vehicle is necessary during the raining season to cross the small rivers.

It is also possible to get there by public transportation. You only need to find a bus heading to El Ostional at the municipal market of San Juan del Sur. All the buses pass by the entrance of the reserve. From there, you will have to walk for a bit in order to get to the beach. There is a sign at the entrance, but it is also recommended to ask the bus driver to leave you at the reserve.