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Horseback riding at Milagro del Mar Resort

Department: Managua

Municipality: Villa Carlos Fonseca (view on map)

Type: Horseback Riding



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Families, couples, friends and horse lovers will experience horseback riding at San Diego Beach the way they have always imagined: right on the water's edge! These guided tours take visitors on a journey to experience the romanticism, beauty and sheer tranquility of an adventure by horseback.

The panoramic views seen while riding nature trails down to Asuchillo Beach and the San Diego River - both located on the same coast - create the perfect backdrop for those vacation photos. In addition, experienced guides ensure the safety of both the rider and the horse, using English or Western saddles, and allow riders to trot or canter depending on their ability.

The well-loved and well-cared horses are Andalusians, Quarter horses, Iberos and Criollos. The stables are located in the Milagro del Mar Resort, less than an hour away from the city of Managua.

Tours are US$10 per hour plus tax and tip.

Getting There

Getting to: San Diego Beach

Take the old Leon Highway roughly 30 km to Los Cedros. Make the left at the "Y" toward Montelimar and Masachapa (onto cobblestone road). Half way between Los Cedros and Masachapa, at Km 49 (exactly at the village of California) turn off the cobblestone road and travel West 11 Km to the beach at Milagro del Mar Resort.