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Boat Tour on Apanas Lake

Department: Jinotega

Municipality: Jinotega

Type: Boat Tour



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Organizing a boat tour in one of the sites listed in the List of Wetlands of International Importance is duable when visiting the Apanas Lake, located in the department of Jinotega. Here, tourists can observe a variety of marine wildlife, in addition to being able to relax on the shores of some islands located in the lake.

There are two ways of making this trip, which must be organized by contacting tourism service providers, who are usually inhabitants of the seven communities that surround the lake. The tourist guides provide motor boats and take visitors to some of the islands, so they can relax on the coasts for a while and take a swim.

Another option is to rent a small wooden boat and paddle to the nearest island. This way, one has the freedom to spend more time relaxing, reading, having a picnic, taking a swim or simply talking with one another on the boat. Returing to mainland is completely negotiable. One can paddle the whole way back or ask one of the guides to pick you up at some point.

It is worth mentioning that the minimun quantity of people for the motor boat tour is 10 people and the maximum capacity is 23.

Getting There

Getting to: Apanas Lake

Apanas is surrounded by roads, which makes it easy to reach its coasts and multiple locations. When traveling by private transportation, one has three options. The first one is the one that connects Jinotega with San Rafael del Sur, which is paved and in good conditions.

You find the second option while being on the first paved road, after you leave the city. You will be constantly headed to Asturias and will drive along one of the shores of the lake. The third option is also found while driving on the paved road, a little bit before reaching San Rafael, and it takes you to the town of Mancotal. It is not necessary to drive a 4X4 vehicle, but is not recommended to travel with a low car.

There are also buses that you can take at Jinotega. These ones pass by the communities that border the lake. You can take public transportation to San Rafael del Norte, Asturias, Mancotal o Pantasma.