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Surfing in San Juan del Sur

Department: Rivas

Municipality: San Juan del Sur

Type: Surfing



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The beaches of San Juan del Sur are well known for its great waves. There is more than 60 km of beach around San Juan del Sur, most of it not yet discovered by the masses. The wind is praised for blowing almost the whole year around. Surfers say it might take an extra effort to surf in Nicaragua than in Costa Rica, but it's worth it.

The most renowned beaches are Playa Maderas, Playa Hermosa, Los Perros, and Popoyo. Most of the beaches are accessible from the city of San Juan del Sur. You need a high clearance - preferably 4WD - vehicle to get to the surf spots. Getting there by public transportation is hard. There are some hotels that offer transportation and even some that offer special surf packages.

Getting There

Getting to: San Juan del Sur Beach

If you are traveling in your own vehicle, you must take the road that leads to Rivas. After passing the city, you must continue until reaching the crossroad "La Virgen" (on the highway that takes you to the border with Costa Rica). From there, turn right and follow the 18 Kms that separates this point and San Juan del Sur.

If you are using public transportation, take a bus to the city of Rivas. Once you get to the municipal market, take another bus that will leave you in San Juan after about 45 minutes. In Managua you can find direct buses to San Juan del Sur in Roberto Huembes Market terminal.

During Holly Week, it is common to find people asking for financial aid at the entrance of the town when traveling in private transportation. This does not happen for buses.