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Turtle Watching Guidelines

Department: Granada

Municipality: Granada




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When visiting the La Flor Beach – or any other turtle beach for that reason – please take the following guidelines into consideration to ensure that the turtles can safely come to the beach and lay their eggs.

1. Always stay at a distance of at least 3 meters, and never get in front of the turtle – always watch the turtle from behind. 2. Remain very quiet and do not move around when the turtle is laying her eggs. Instead, sit down and relax while enjoying this natural miracle. 3. Once the turtle finishes laying her eggs, immediately step away to create space for her to return to the ocean. 4. Do not form a circle around the turtle; this can be very stressing for the turtle. 5. Visiting at night? Do not shine light on the turtle because this can cause her to stop laying eggs and return to the ocean. 6. Taking pictures and especially using flash or other unnatural light is restricted and controlled by the guides. The only moment to take pictures is when the turtle has started to lay eggs and the guide indicates that pictures can be taken. 7. If there are baby-turtles getting out of their nest, do not touch them. Bacteria, repellent, or any food rests can harm the hatchlings. If it is absolutely necessary to pick them up, be sure to wash your hands carefully. If a hatchling is trapped just put it back on track, do not bring the turtle all the way to the ocean. 8. Garbage does not form part of the natural environment. Do not throw it on the beach.

Getting There

Getting to: La Flor Beach Natural Reserve

To get to La Flor, you need to go south from San Juan del Sur (150 km from Managua). Take to road in the direction of El Ostional. You will hit a dirt road after about 18 kilometers, which is fairly good but a high clearance vehicle is recommended. From there, there are signs that guide you to the La Flor beach. A high-clearance vehicle is necessary during the raining season to cross the small rivers.

It is also possible to get there by public transportation. You only need to find a bus heading to El Ostional at the municipal market of San Juan del Sur. All the buses pass by the entrance of the reserve. From there, you will have to walk for a bit in order to get to the beach. There is a sign at the entrance, but it is also recommended to ask the bus driver to leave you at the reserve.