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Canopy Tour at Tiscapa

Department: Managua

Municipality: Managua (view on map)

Type: Canopy

Opening hours:
Tuesday through Sunday
9 AM to 5 PM



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NOTE: the Canopy Tour in Tiscapa is permanently closed since February 2017

The Canopy Tour above the Tiscapa Lagoon is an exciting activity in a unique setting, situated in the heart of Managua. Tiscapa Canopy Tours is located in the Tiscapa National Historical Park, on top of a hill overlooking the lagoon. From there you can start you canopy tour.

The canopy sport originally consisted of gliding on a steel cable from one platform to another, high up in the trees of a forest. The Tiscapa Canopy Tour is unique (in whole Central America!) in the fact that it is a canopy tour complete above a lagoon. Strapped into a harness you will be attached to the cables, and you will be able to glide at a height of 70 meters above the lagoon, from the hilltop down to the shore.

There are three long cables with a total length of almost 1.2 km. As a result of being constructed above the lagoon, you will have some great views of both the lagoon and the center of Managua. The lengthy cables allow you to reach a speed of up to 50 km/hr which will surely boost your adrenaline when flying over the lagoon. It is also possible to safely glide from one platform to the other in adventurous poses (for instance upside down, or the ‘superman pose’). Afterwards, you also have an option to walk around the lagoon and observe the nature. The distance is about 3 km. Or you simply jump in the truck and drive back uphill.

The canopy tour is suitable for children as well as adults. There are always guides who accompany your group, and it is also possible to glide together with a guide for the ones afraid to go alone.

The price for the tour is US$13.80 for Nicaraguans and US$17.25 for foreigners.

Opening hours are 9 AM to 5 PM Tuesday through Sunday. Open on holidays at the same schedule.

- Contact number: 8872 2555 / 8960-2566
- E-mail:

Getting There

Getting to: Tiscapa Lagoon

Tiscapa is ten minutes (in car) from the Metrocentro shopping mall, and only five minutes from the Plaza Inter shopping mall. The easiest way of getting there without your own vehicle is by taxi. The thousands of cheap taxis that cruise Managua will all know how to find Tiscapa.

If you are driving yourself go in the direction of the Plaza Inter shopping mall. Right behind it lays the (pyramid shaped) Crown Plaza hotel. The road that leads to the Tiscapa lagoon is next to the hotel.