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Boat trip among the Granada islets

Department: Granada

Municipality: Granada

Type: Boat Tour



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At the wharf of Granada there are many boatmen who offer a boat ride to the islets. You can slowly pass by the islands and catch a glimpse of the immensity of Lake Nicaragua. The birdlife around the islands is abundant. You can see cormorants, herons, parrots, hawks, vultures, and many other birds. The lake also houses lots of fish. Sweet water shark once crowded the lake, but this unique animal is nowadays threatened with extinction and barely ever seen. You can see the huge Mombacho Volcano arise right next to the lake.

Taking a boat ride to the islets of Granada is a fun, relaxed way of exploring Central America’s biggest lake. The price for a one-hour boat ride is about US$40 (about 8 people fit in the boat). There are also several restaurant located in the islets, offering a wide menu, pool and hammocks.

Getting There

Getting to: The Granada Islets

You can always arrange a tour at any of the docks of the Asese Port, situated in the end of the Tourist Center of Granada.