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Jueves de Verbena

Department: Granada

Municipality: Granada




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'Jueves de Verbena' is a cultural event that takes place every Thursday in Masaya. There are folkloric dances, there is music, and there is traditional Nicaraguan food. This weekly spectacle takes place in the Centro Cultural Antiguo Mercado de Masaya, also known as the Old Market or the Artisans Market.

This event starts at 7.30 PM and ends in general around midnight. The entrance fee is C$10 per person, which can occasionally rise for certain types of performances.

In this center professional or amateur folkloric dancing groups from throughout Nicaragua present different types of traditional Nicaraguan dances: mazurka, palo de mayo, the güegüense dance, and more. Those dances are the result of a mix between ancient dancing techniques and European and indigenous rhythms. The performers are always dressed in clothes that traditionally go with their dances.

Besides the dancing, there is also music. There are performances of Nicaraguan singers and players. This cultural show is completed by food stands and restaurants who offer typical Nicaraguan meals and snacks.