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Hiking through the wetlands

Department: Chinandega

Municipality: El Viejo (view on map)

Type: Hiking



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A nice trail has been constructed that leads through the wetlands (Humedales). You will be able to see various types of vegetation and surroundings. Rather short but beautiful palms grow next to the trail at the beginning of the hike. Soon you will find streams and creeks in which mangrove trees grow. There is a trail leading through this odd forest as well.

Halfway down the trail there is a hut, about four meters from the ground. From this hut you will be able to look down on an area where hundreds of egrets nest. They leave their nests at daytime to look for food, but early in the morning or late in the afternoon you will find them in big numbers. The egrets are migratory birds that only stay at this site during the raining season (July – December).

There are other migratory birds to be seen, as well as crustaceans like crabs and also small mammals. The fauna during this hike is spectacular and the hike is a pleasant one. The shortest hike takes only 40 minutes and passes by all places mentioned before. From here you can also hike to the beach. At the hotels close to the Cosigüina Volcano you can arrange a visit to the wetlands. It is also possible to explore the area by horse, which can also be arranged best at the hotels in the area.

Getting There

Getting to: Wetlands at Cosigüina

To get there, you need to go 65 kilometers north from Chinandega. From there you must take a bus to El Viejo city, an there another bus to Potosí village. The wetlands are a few kilometers before Potosí.