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Educational hike at environmental center CIMAC

Department: León

Municipality: León

Type: Hiking



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A trail has been constructed in the center, which allows visitors to cross through a tropical dry forest, a tropical rain forest, a riverbed forest, and a savannah forest. Four distinguishable types of vegetation can be found at each forest. Accompanied by a guide, you will be given an in-depth explanation of every vegetation type and its particularities as you walk through the well-organized reserve.

Within the area you can find trees like cedar, mahogany, kapok, mango, papaya, banana, and many other types of trees. There are also many types of animals living in the area. You can see birds like hummingbirds, motmots (Nicaragua’s national bird), woodpeckers, cattle egrets, and many others. The best time to see them is early in the morning. Recently, deer have been release at CIMAC.

Practical Information

The hike takes about an hour, and it is not a difficult one. At the entrance, there is a decent visitor’s center where you can read and see more about Nicaragua’s nature, the center, and its history. In addition, CIMAC has set up an environmental library with books about the environment and about preserving it. CIMAC also offers tours to groups and special tours to students, which are usually combined with a presentation about an environmental topic, such as climate change, pollution, the importance of forests, or proper waste management. Presentations about these and other topics can also be arranged for other groups, If you are interested, contact CIMAC to discuss the possibilities.

The entrance fee is C$23 for foreigners and C$10 for Nicaraguans. If you want to get a tour with a large group, be sure to call in advance to discuss your visit. Although CIMAC is normally closed during weekends, for large groups they might make an exception.

Getting There

Getting to: Environmental center CIMAC

The center is located in the middle of a neighborhood in the southern part of León. The address is: South corner of Puente Harting 1 block Est, 1 block North. Many visitors have trouble finding CIMAC, so be sure to take a good look at the map (see also the pictures for).