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Big Game Fishing in Chinandega

Department: Chinandega

Municipality: Corinto (view on map)

Type: Sport Fishing



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One of the most fascinating attractions of the department of Chinandega is the Pacific Ocean, providing pristine beaches, beautiful estuaries, majestic animal life, and – something not known by many people – great possibilities for big game fishing.

A typical fishing tour starts early in the morning, often in the municipality of Corinto where there is easy access to the open water. The estuary of Pasocaballos is frequently used as place of departure, providing not only easy access to the ocean but also great views of the estuary. The boat trip itself is in any way often another attractive aspect of the activity. On the way out to the ocean, there are some nice views of the port town of Corinto. Furthermore, there is some spectacular animal life to be seen on the way to the fishing area. The impressive list of animals to be seen includes not only dolphins and sea turtles, but also the world’s largest mammal: whales. Humpback whales can be seen migrating down the coast, and watching these great animals swim by is surely a rewarding experience by itself. The best months for whale spotting are January and February. Dolphins and turtles can be seen throughout the year.

When the fishing site is reached the real action can begin. Fishing is done with natural bait or with lures. There is a wide variety of big game fish that can be caught in these Pacific waters. Mackerel, Tuna, Jack, Porgy, Wahoo, and Dorado are possible catches. Furthermore, even larger fish like Marlin and Sailfish can be caught out here. The latter two, however, are endangered species that must be released. The other fish can be taken home, and they can make for a great, fresh meal.

Fishing experience is no requirement for a regular fishing trip. Most of the fish can be caught by novice fishermen or even by people without any big game fishing experience.

An eight hour fishing trip including transportation, rods, and other necessities costs around $400 for up to four people. Before undertaking a fishing trip, make sure the boat is well-equipped and in good shape. Navigation tools, radio, and an auxiliary motor are important aspects. Also be sure to check with the company’s policy regarding endangered species.