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Scuba Diving at San Juan del Sur

Department: Rivas

Municipality: San Juan del Sur (view on map)

Type: Scuba Diving & Snorkeling



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The municipality of San Juan del Sur is known for its beautiful beaches. Not only are there many activities that can be realized at or around the beaches, there are also many water sports that can be practiced in this area. Scuba diving is one of these sports.

There are several underwater attractions that make San Juan del Sur an interesting diving spot. A handful of rocky islets are located along the coast. These islets, situated about 3 kilometers offshore, create a great habitat for many fish and other animals, which make them an interesting place for divers. Coral reefs also grow around these islands, adding even more variety to this ecosystem.

Another special attraction is a sunken Russian boat, located close to the La Paloma Island. This boat also provides shelter to many animals, and it is surely a great experience to swim around this sunken ship.

The fish that can be seen in the area of San Juan del Sur include Groupers, Snappers, Jacks, Morey Eels, and Manta Rays. Large schools of fish are a common sight and schools of Eagle Rays can also be found in this zone. Lobsters and even dolphins live in this area too, and from July until January Olive Ridley turtles can be seen in the water.

The diving is done at a depth not greater than 18 meters. When it comes to clarity, the period December-March is the best time to dive, but diving can also be done at any other month. The diving operators depart from the bay of San Juan del Sur. A two-tank dive including transportation to the diving site and a break takes about 4 to 5 hours. The price is about $55 for such a two-tank dive.

Getting There

Getting to: San Juan del Sur Beach

If you are traveling in your own vehicle, you must take the road that leads to Rivas. After passing the city, you must continue until reaching the crossroad "La Virgen" (on the highway that takes you to the border with Costa Rica). From there, turn right and follow the 18 Kms that separates this point and San Juan del Sur.

If you are using public transportation, take a bus to the city of Rivas. Once you get to the municipal market, take another bus that will leave you in San Juan after about 45 minutes. In Managua you can find direct buses to San Juan del Sur in Roberto Huembes Market terminal.

During Holly Week, it is common to find people asking for financial aid at the entrance of the town when traveling in private transportation. This does not happen for buses.