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Swimming in the Xiloá Lagoon

Department: Managua

Municipality: Mateare (view on map)

Type: Swimming



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The Xiloá Lagoon is a large pool of fresh and calm waters, ideal for swimming. The natural environment offers an interesting scenario in which the horizon is connected by the water and the green mountains that one sees in the background. Because of its length, it's possible to swim for a lot of meters without stopping.

Xiloa is a destination for demanding swimmers. Actually, there are several swimming clubs from the city of Managua that come here to train. The Nicaraguan Red Cross use it as a training spot and organizes a national competition in this lagoon.

One thing tourists must have in mind is that this is a crater lagoon, and its subsoil forms a cone that goes deeper and deeper as you reach the middle of it. In general, you will find shallow areas where kids and families can play.

The best spot where one can start a swimming journey is at the tourist center of the lagoon. There are paved trails that run parallel to the coast and the ranches where one can rest under the shadow. In spite of this, it is possible to start swimming wherever you want, but is necessary to be aware of personal belongings, since it is a public coast.

Getting There

Getting to: Xiloa Lagoon

The Xiloa lagoon can be reached in half an hour from Managua. In car, take the new highway to Leon. Shortly after passing the city called Ciudad Sandino there will be a sign for Xiloa that points to the right. After about ten more minutes the tourist center will be to the left, right next to the road. The other restaurants can be reached by continuing the road. It is also possible to get here by bus or taxi from Ciudad Sandino (buses from Managua to Ciudad Sandino leave frequently). Getting back from Xiloa to Ciudad Sandino using public transportation is harder, so be sure to inquire about the bus schedule upon arrival at the lagoon.