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Savanna area of Awas

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Laguna de Perlas (view on map)




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A unique landscape can be found right behind the small town of Awas, located close to Pearl Lagoon. Locally this area is known as savanna, and here a combination can be found of grassy plains with palm trees and small creeks.

Many birds inhabit this zone, and they can be most easily spotted during sunrise. This can be done by foot, by horse, or by canoeing down the creeks. During daytime, when birds are less abundant, the area still provides superb views and a visit to the savanna plains can be perfectly combined with a visit to the Miskito village of Awas.

To explore this area, a local guide is highly useful. It is possible to either arrange this at a hotel in Pearl Lagoon or to hire somebody from Awas. Horses or canoes can also be arranged the same way. Prices range from $5 for a one-hour guided hike to $10 for a two-hour canoe trip.

Getting There

Getting to: Pearl Lagoon

A lot of the transportation in the area is done by boat, but since 2007 Pearl Lagoon can also be reached over land. There is a dirt road that goes from El Rama to Kukra Hill, which then leads to the town of Pearl Lagoon. This road is in fair condition and the easiest way to get to Pearl Lagoon coming from the main land. This way, it takes seven hours to get here from Managua by car. Public transportation options include an air conditioned bus from the Mayoreo Market in Managua which leaves in the evening, followed by taking a bus that leaves every afternoon at 3PM from El Rama. This bus returns in the morning at 6 AM, and does the El Rama-Pearl Lagoon journey in three hours. An alternative is taking a boat from Bluefields, which is a one hour boat ride. Several boats depart every morning (US$10 one-way trip), and it is a fairly tranquil ride. The boats also pass by other settlements like Kukra Hill along the road.