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Barred Antshrike

Common Name Barred Antshrike

Scientific Name Thamnophilus doliatus

Species Birds

Family/Group Antbirds, Antwrens



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Fairly thick, hooked bil. Iris yellow or white. Loose crest elevated especially when excited. Male black broadly barred with white throughout except for wholly black crown (white bases of feathers sometimes showing). Female very different, bright rufous aove, hindneck and sides of head deep buff streaked wih black; buffy below. Immature male barred dark brown and buff.

Habits and Behavior

Usually in pairs; often the bright female is easier to see than the barred male. Heard much more often than seen, the call being a series of rapidly accelerating notes a whinnying effect, but ending with a length-ened emphasized nasal note on a rising infliction.

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