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Blue Grosbeak

Common Name Blue Grosbeak

Scientific Name Passerina caerulea

Species Birds

Family/Group Cardinales, Grosbeaks, and allies



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Stout dusky bill. Male mostly deep blue with black lores and around base of bill; wings and tail dusky, with two prominent tan wing-bars. In poor light can look quite black. Female brown above, often washed bluish gray on rump; wings and tail dusky, with two prominent tan to buff wing-bars; buffy brown to olive brown below. Immature male like female but often a richer brown; older immature show splotches of blue and brown.

Habits and Behavior

Favors dense growth, usually near the ground, but sometimes takes prominent perches on top of bushes or on wires or fences along roads. Sometimes in small losse groups. Often twitches its tail to one side. The call is a distinctive sharp metallic chink

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