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Tropical Kingbird

Common Name Tropical Kingbird

Scientific Name Tyrannus melancholicus

Species Birds

Family/Group Flycatchers



  • wrote on Nov 18, 2019:

    Guis is the Nica name for this bird.

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Head gray with dusky ear-coverts and usually concealed reddish orange crown patch; otherwise grayish olive above with dull brown wings and slightly forked tail; throat whitish, remaining underparts yellow, chest tinged with olive.


An abundant and widespread bird, most common in open and semiopen country, but also in residential areas, roadsides, and clearings in generally forested areas; occurs virtually wherever there is adequate habitat.

Habits and Behavior

A very conspicuous bird, often sitting on wires and other exposed perches. Like the other kingbirds, a typical sallying flycatcher, sometimes following an insect in almost shallow-like pursuit. Its dawn song, a couple of short pip notes followed by a rising twitter, piririree, is often the first bird sounds heard in the morning, frequently being given well before first light. Also gives a feet-feet-feet.

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