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Yellow-olive Flycatcher

Common Name Yellow-olive Flycatcher

Scientific Name Tolmomyias sulphurescens

Species Birds

Family/Group Flycatchers



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Rather heavy-headed, with fairly broad somewhat flattened bill. Lower mandible pale, grayish white to pale flesh; iris typically rather pale, either grayish or brownish. Mostly bright olive above with grayish crown and whitish supraloral and narrow eye-ring; wings blackish with two yellowish wing-bars and prominent edging on flight feathers; throat whitish, becoming olive on breast and flanks, and pale yellow on belly.

Habits and Behavior

Usually forages at middle heighs, gleaning in the foilage and often difficult to see clearly. The call is somewhat similar to that of the Yellow-margined but is thinner and not as penetrating, usually of only one or two notes, a high sibiland dzz, dzz or tsit, tsit, sometimes followed by a fast musical rattle. The foot-long, hanging, purse-shaped nest with a downward extending tube, made of fine hair-like fibers, is quite conspicious (rarely more than 6m : 20 ft above ground).

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