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Mountain Elaenia

Common Name Mountain Elaenia

Scientific Name Elaenia frantzii

Species Birds

Family/Group Flycatchers



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Found only in western highlands. Very like Lesser Elaenia, but ranges overlap only in part. Often has pinkish or flesh base of lower mandible Greenish to brownish olive above with narrow yellowish eye-ring, wings with broad white edging and two pale yellowish or whitish wing-bars; practically uniform light yellowish olive below (with no grayish throat), passing to pale yellow (sometimes whitish) on belly. Immature browner above with buff wing-bars, and often whiter on breast and belly.

Habits and Behavior

The usual calls are whistled peeee-oo or twee-oo and a drawn out peeee-err, the latter sugestive of call of Western Woo-Pewee. What is apparently its full song (heard infrequently, mainly soon after dawn during nesting season) is a very different, burry and fast cheeree, chi-gwee, sometimes interspersed with a trrrr trill.

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