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Masked Tityra

Common Name Masked Tityra

Scientific Name Tityra semifasciata

Species Birds

Family/Group Flycatchers



  • amina wrote on Sep 15, 2011:

    OMG hw they catch birds

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Male mostly white, tinged pearly gray above, with wings and basal half of tail black; forehead and facial area black with bare skin around eye and most of bill red. Female similar, retaining red bill and bare skin around eyes but with head brown and back tinged brownish.

Habits and Behavior

Can occur almost anywhere in wooded or forested areas, but prefers clearings and borders with tall dead trees for perching and nesting places. Usually in pairs, quite high up, gathering in small groups at fruiting trees. Has an odd, grunting, almost pig-like call, querp, sometimes doubled.

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