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Grey Gull

Common Name Grey Gull

Scientific Name Larus modestus

Species Birds

Family/Group Gulls and Terns



  • wrote on Jan 23, 2018:

    looks like a eagle

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Two sightings from off Pacific coast. Bill and legs black. Adult uniform plain gray with whitish hood; flight feathers blackish with secondaries tipped white, forming broad white trailing edge to wing; tail gray with black subterminal band and white tip. Imature grayish brown, feathers of mantle narrowly edged paler; tail with black subterminal band and buff tip.


Sandy beaches.

Habits and Behavior

In its normal range a gull of sandy coastlines, sometimes feeding Sanderling like on ocean beaches, also offshore (but never far from land).

They usually feed on small crustacean known as a "aphid sea".

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