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Little Blue Heron

Common Name Little Blue Heron

Scientific Name Egretta caerulea

Species Birds

Family/Group Herons and Egrets



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Bill basally bluish with blackish tip; legs greenish (blacker when breeding). Adult mostly slaty blue with reddish maroon head and neck; in breeding plumage head and neck somewhat paler, and with plumes on crown, foreneck, and back. Juvenile white except for inconspicuous dusky tipping to primaries; color at base of bill variable, usually pale greenish to grayish, varying to pinkish or pale yellowish. Immature white splotched irregularly with slaty, giving a pied appearance.

Habits and Behavior

Immatures and juveniles predominate. A fairly active feeder but less graceful in its movements than Snowy Egret.

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