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Tricolored Heron

Common Name Tricolored Heron

Scientific Name Egretta tricolor

Species Birds

Family/Group Herons and Egrets



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A slender heron with long neck and long slender bill. Bill usually yellowish (sometimes bluish) wih dark tip; legs slaty to greenish olive (in immatures). Mostly bluish slate above with occipital plumes and long light brown scapular feathers with often cover lower back; throat and foreneck white, latter usually strongly tinged chestnut; rump and belly contrastingly white. Immature similar in pattern but head, hindneck, and wing-coverts brownish chestnut; lacks occipital and scapular plumes.

Habits and Behavior

An active, graceful feeder which sometimes prances and dashes about much like a Reddish Egret, briefly even shading the water with its wings.

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