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Stripe-throated Hermit

Common Name Stripe-throated Hermit

Scientific Name Phaethornis strigularis

Species Birds

Family/Group Hummingbirds



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Very small; much of the given length is bill and tail. Bill long (1 in.), decurved, lower mandible mostly yellow. Bronzy green above becoming chestnut on rump; mask blackish with buff postocular streak and moustache; mostly cinnamon below, with some dusky flecking on chin; tail bronzy tipped with buff, sharply graduated, but with central pair of feathers not excessively elongated, tipped white.

Habits and Behavior

Usually seen single, within a few feet of the ground. This species and a few other small hummingbirds regularly fly through mist-nets. When perched, often wags tail up and down. Males form "singing" assemblies during the breeding season, perching very low in dense undergrowth where they emit a series of insignificant squeaks.

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