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Fork-tailed Emerald

Common Name Fork-tailed Emerald

Scientific Name Chlorostilbon canivetii

Species Birds

Family/Group Hummingbirds



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Bill fairly short, straight, red with black tip in both sexes (duller in female). Male shining bronzy green above, crown more glittery green; brilliant glittering green below; rather large white leg-tufts; tail blue-black, quite deeply forked. Female shining green above, bronzier on crown, with white postocular streak and dusky ear-coverts; uniform pale grayish below, some green on sides; tail less deeply forked than in male, outer feathers narrowly tipped pale grayish.


Widespread and often common in a variety of semiopen habitats in lowlands on both slopes. Often in gardens, or seen feeding in flowering trees.

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