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Long-tailed Manakin

Common Name Long-tailed Manakin

Scientific Name Chiroxiphia linearis

Species Birds

Family/Group Manakins



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Both sexes have reddish orange legs and elongated central tail feathers (much longer in males up to 4-5 in; much shorter, but still prominent, in female). Male black with scarlet crown patch and pale sky blue back. Female plain olive above, somewhat paler olive above, somewhat paler olive below, especially on belly. Immature males are olive; red on crown comes in first, then they gradually become blacker, with blue on back last. Male unique and unmistakable, while the dull female can be told from other female manakins (few of which, in fact, overlap in range) by her protruding tail feathers.

Habits and Behavior

Long-tailed Manakins are inconspicuous birds, in most areas often heard but not easy to actually see. Males give a far-carrying clear, mellow, whistled toweeo (delivered synchronously by two displaying males), and a very different wrrreh call; locally called 'toledo' because of this first vocalization.

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