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Spot-breasted Oriole

Common Name Spot-breasted Oriole

Scientific Name Icterus pectoralis

Species Birds

Family/Group Oropendolas, American Orioles, Blackbirds



  • Will wrote on Jan 8, 2021:

    Saw a pair of these spot breasted orioles on a fruit tree just outside of Maderas near San Juan del Sur.

    Was not able to hear the song though unfortunately...

  • wrote on Jan 23, 2018:

    meh like orange

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Mostly yellow-orange with solid black back, most of wings (except for orange shoulders and large area of white on inner flight feathers), tail, ocular area, and bib; distinctive and conspicuous black spotting on sides of breast. Female slightly pale and duller; immatures much duller, with more olive back, wings, and tail, and often little or no breast spotting.


Spot-breasted is locally fairly common in deciduous woodland and shrub, and in shade trees of towns and around ranch buildings on Pacific slope.

Habits and Behavior

Seen singly or in pairs, this striking oriole has a fine song, basically a long-continued series of rich melodic whistled or gurgled notes.

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