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Yellow-backed Oriole

Common Name Yellow-backed Oriole

Scientific Name Icterus chrysater

Species Birds

Family/Group Oropendolas, American Orioles, Blackbirds



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Mostly rich orange-yellow with black throat and chest, wings, and tail. In many individuals, the yellow areas adjacent to the black bib are more or less tinged with brown.


Fairly common in forest and woodland borders and clearings.

Habits and Behavior

Often in pairs or small family groups. The song is a series of four to eight loud clear musical whistles moving in a disconnected manner up and down so that it sounds off-key. The usual call is a teea, cheep-chee, cheep (the cheep's nasal); also has a part-chatter, part buzzy whistle kzwee-kzwee-kzwee-kzwee-kzwee and a nasal nyeh-nyeh-nyeh-nyeh.

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