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House Sparrow

Common Name House Sparrow

Scientific Name Passer domesticus

Species Birds

Family/Group Other Birds



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Male has gray crown, chestnut nape, white cheeks and sides of neck, and black bib on throat and chest; otherwise brownish above streaked black, with plain gray rump and single white wing-bar; below whitish. Female much brabber: pale grayish brown above, with whitish wing-bar; below dingy whitish.


Over the past few decades the House Sparrow has spread rapidly through much of Middle and South America, and it no longer appears that it is incapable of persisting in humid tropical climates (as had previously been thought). In the tropics, however, House Sparrows so far seem confined to towns and cities, and they are not establishing themselves in agricultural areas.

Habits and Behavior

A familiar and often agressive little bird usually found in small flocks. Its spread has often had a decidedly negative impact on populations of certain native small birds (especially hole-nesters and, in South America, the Rufous-collared Sparrow).

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