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Spectacled Owl

Common Name Spectacled Owl

Scientific Name Pulsatrix perspicillata

Species Birds

Family/Group Owls



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A large owl without eartufts. Iris yellow. Dark chocolate brown above with broad white eyebrow extending to lores and area around bill (the "spectacles"); throat white, chest band whitish to buff. Completely different immature is mostly buffy white with contrasting blackish face, brownish wings.


Uncommon to fairly common in forest and second-growth woodland in more humid lowlands and foothills. Not often seen.

Habits and Behavior

Nocturnal, resting by day in thick foliage, but occasionally will become active on dark cloudy late afternoons. Its commonest call is a rapid series of six to eight low rattling hoots, bobobobobobo, lacking in resonance but far-carrying, sounding almost like a distant machine gun. Decoys readily to a tape of its voice. Juveniles give a slightly hoarse loud whistle, hweew.

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