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Scarlet Macaw

Common Name Scarlet Macaw

Scientific Name Ara macao

Species Birds

Family/Group Parrots and Parakeets



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Very long pointed tail. Bare facial skin white, with no lines of feathers; bill bicolored, maxilla mostly horn, mandible black. Mostly bright scarlet; lower back, rump, and under tailcoverts light blue; wing-coverts mostly yellow (showing as a prominent band across wing). Flight feathers (from above) mostly dark blue; from below wings and tail red.

Habits and Behavior

In behaviour the Scarlet Macaw resembles the other large macaws, though during the nonbreeding season it somethimes gathers in large flocks than the others (with the occasional exception of the Blue-and-yellow). Despite their gaudy coloration, Scarlet Macaws are often remarkably difficult to see when perched in a leafy tree.

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