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Red-Lored Amazon

Common Name Red-Lored Amazon

Scientific Name Amazona autumnalis

Species Birds

Family/Group Parrots and Parakeets



  • Jamie Vargas wrote on Oct 19, 2012:

    i love this type of bird! :B

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Bill bicolored, yellowish horn above, dusky below; small bare ocular area whitish. Red forehead and lores; otherwise mostly green, more yellowish green on face and throat, with crown and nape feathers edged lavendar; red speculum on secondaries (prominent in flight, but usually hidden at rest); tail broadly tipped yellowish green, with some red at base.


Fairly common to common and widespread in forest and more humid woodland (e.g. gallery woodlands) in lowlands and (in smaller numbers) in foothills.

Habits and Behavior

Relatively catholic in its choice of habitat. As with other amazons, almost invariably seen in multiples of two (pairs), and most conspicious during their early morning and late afternoon flight periods, when they may pass high overhead. Large numbers (many hundreds) congregate at certain roosts, particularly in the nonbreeding season. Like the other amazons, flies with shallow stiff wing-strokes, obvious in the field and making the genus easy to recognize even if the various species often are not. The Red-lored's flight calls are very loud and harsh.

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