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Mealy Amazon

Common Name Mealy Amazon

Scientific Name Amazona farinosa

Species Birds

Family/Group Parrots and Parakeets



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Bill pale, tip of maxilla dusky; large bare ocular area whitish. Mostly green, feathers of crown and nape edged with bluish often giving a powdery look; red speculum on secondaries (visible in flight); tail two-toned, outer half paler yellowish green.

Habits and Behavior

More strictly a forest bird than the Red-lored Amazon, though the two occur together widely; in extensively forested regions usually the commonest amazon. Only rarely is the Mealy found in gallery woodland in savanna areas, perhaps being the most seasonal here. Generally similar in behavior to other Amazons. Its very loud flight calls resemble those of the Red-lore, but can usually be recognized by the phrases chop-chop or cookyüp-kyüp, often repeated. When perched sometimes gives a variety of whistles and throaty gurgles.

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