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White-fronted Amazon

Common Name White-fronted Amazon

Scientific Name Amazona albifrons

Species Birds

Family/Group Parrots and Parakeets



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Common small amazon of semiopen Pacific lowlands. Bill yellowish. Mostly green, feathers of neck, breast, and back scaled black; forecrown white, midcrown blue, lores and ocular area red; primary coverts red (forming a conspicuous path in flight, wich some showing even on perched birds), much blue in flight feathers; some orange-red at base of tail feathers. Female and immatures show little or no red on wing and have duller facial pattern.


Occurs mostly below 1200 meters, locally higher.

Habits and Behavior

Usually in flocks, sometimes large, which fly conspicuously in early morning and late afternoon; unlike the larger amazons their flight is quite erratic, with frequent changes in direction. Calls are exceptionally loud and harsh, a repeated chak-chak, chak-chak or cha-cha-chák, cha-cha-chák being typical.

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