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Red-billed Pigeon

Common Name Red-billed Pigeon

Scientific Name Columba flavirostris

Species Birds

Family/Group Pigeons and Doves



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Widespread, mainly on Pacific slope, dark pigeon of semiopen areas. Bill red basally ivory yellowish terminally; legs reddish; iris reddish to orange-yellow. Head, neck, upper back, breast, and upper belly vinaceous, becoming brown on mid-back; rump, wings, tail, and lower belly gray. Resembles Pale-vented Pigeon but lower belly not noticeably paler than rest of plumage; also note Red-billed's brightly colored bill (dark in Pale-vented).


Fairly common in woodland, forest borders, and areas with scattered tall trees on Pacific slope. Often ocurring in towns and even in cities, and regularly along roads (sometimes even perching on wires). Avoids extensive areas of humid forest.

Habits and Behavior

Call is a deep, rich whoo-ooo; whoo, cu-cu-coo; whoo, cu-cu-coo

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