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White-tipped Dove

Common Name White-tipped Dove

Scientific Name Leptotila verreauxi

Species Birds

Family/Group Pigeons and Doves



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Grayish brown above, paler on forehead and with light grayish blue orbital and loral skin; pale pinkish brown below, becoming white on lower belly; tail blackish, broadly tipped white.

Habits and Behavior

Mostly terrestrial, pottering about with head nodding back and forth. Usually rather wary, before one can get too close flushing with an audible wing whirr and an obvious white flash in tail, often landing on a nearby low perch where it may nervously nod head, dip tail, or walk a few steps along branch to better concealment. The call is a oft but deep hoó-oo, sometimes doubled (two-syllabled effect is distinctive); recalls sound produced by blowing across top of empty bottle.

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