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Pied Puffbird

Common Name Pied Puffbird

Scientific Name Notharchus tectus

Species Birds

Family/Group Puffbirds



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Obviously smaller than other Notharchus puffbirds. Black above with small white spots on crown and narrow white superciliary; white patch on scapulars; white below with narrow black breast band and black barring on flanks; tail feathers broadly tipped white (easily seen from below).

Habits and Behavior

Usually found in pairs; most likely to be seen perched at low and middle levels at edge of forest (difficult to see when high in forest canopy). More active than other Notharchus puffbirds, though it too will perch for long periods without moving. The song is a high, thin, weak whistle, rapidly given though slowing at end, wee-weeda-weeda-weeda, weee-a weee-a, weee-a, the slow terminal couplets sometimes replaced by wheeer.

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