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Clay-colored Thrush (Robin)

Common Name Clay-colored Thrush (Robin)

Scientific Name Turdus grayi

Species Birds

Family/Group Thrushes, Solitaires



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Bill greenish yellow or olive (dusky in immature). Brownish olive above; dull light buffy brown below, inconspicuously streaked with dusky on throat. This is the national bird of Costa Rica.


Very common in clearings, gardens, lighter woodland, and generally in more open areas in lowlands and foothills.

Habits and Behavior

A very familiar and conspicuous bird. The song is a whistling caroling, reminiscent of the northern bird (T. migratorios, American Robin) but clearer and more melodic; in addition to typically robin-like cackles, it also utters a characteristic long-drawn, nasal, whining wee-eé-gwa, and a querulous keyaah

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