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Black-headed Trogon

Common Name Black-headed Trogon

Scientific Name Trogon melanocephalus

Species Birds

Family/Group Trogons



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A common trogon of lowlands, mainly in non-humid forested areas. Male has a bluish gray bill and bright blue eye-ring, female with dusky maxilla and duller eye-ring. Male's head, throat, and chest black, becomming glossy bluish green on back and violet-blue on rump and upperside of tail; lower underparts yellow, separated from black chest by white band; underside of tail black, feathers broadly tipped white (at times almost obscuring the black). Female has dusky gray replacing the male's black and glossy violet and green; pattern on underside of tail similar, but white tipping slightly narrower.

Habits and Behavior

Usually in pairs, quite tame, often perching rather low. Commonest call is an accelerating rolls, chuk, chuk, chuk-chuk-cho-cho-cho-cho-cho-cho.

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