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Magnolia Warbler

Common Name Magnolia Warbler

Scientific Name Dendroica magnolia

Species Birds

Family/Group Wood Warblers



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Nonbreeding plumage: olive green above with grayish head and white eye-ring, two white wing-bars, and broad white band across middle of tail (lacking on middle pair of feathers), rump patch yellow; mostly yellow below with a little black streaking on sides and flanks, and usually a grayish band across chest. Breeding plumage much brighter (especially in male): bluish gray above with black face patch and back (latter streaked with olive in female); bright yellow below with heavy black streaking except on throat.

Habits and Behavior

Usually seen singly, feeding at low levels, often with mixed foraging flocks in second-growth woodland. Sometimes fans its tail as if to display the characteristic white tail band.

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