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Black-cheeked Woodpecker

Common Name Black-cheeked Woodpecker

Scientific Name Melanerpes pucherani

Species Birds

Family/Group Woodpeckers



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Forehead yellow, crown and nape red, cheeks and sides of neck black; upperparts otherwise black, narrowly barred on back and spotted on wings with white, and with white rump; throat and breast olive grayish, lower underparts buffy whitish barred with black, with red on center of belly. Female has crown black, only nape red.

Habits and Behavior

Usually forages rather high in trees, frequently perching conspicuously on dead snags; comes lower at forest edge and in clearings. Eats much fruit. The calls resemble those of Red-crowned Woodpecker, but are higher-pitched, a churrr and chiririree.

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