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Apante Hill

Department: Matagalpa

Municipality: Matagalpa (view on map)

Type: Mountains and Hills



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    The hike is steep, strenuous, and totally worth it. It took us about 4 and a half hours to hike up to the cross and back with 4 small children. Bring plenty of water.

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  • Jamileth wrote on Apr 27, 2012:

    Hola Nicaragua Mi nombre es Jamileth vivo en San
    Antonio TX. por 13 años.Muy feliz de ver que por fin se reconoce El Cerro Apante cuando era una niña lo recorria a pies para asistir a ala escuela, Ramona Rizo.Ahora es una reserva. Saludes Matagalpa... viva Matagalpa "Jodido"

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    soy matagalpino vivo desde hace 27 años en costa rica casado con sylvia alaniz tenemos 3 hijas y añoro todas mis experiencias que pase en matagalpa estudie en el colegio san luis y en el eliseo picado estuve en grupo scout san jorge fundado por el padre julian barni subi muchas veces al cerro apante y me extasiaba viendo mi bella ciudad de matagalpa imagino que debe estar muy cambiada igual que mi viejo barrio laborio. saludos a todos mis compañeros de estudio viva matagalpa

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The Apante Hill is one of the highest hills surrounding the city of Matagalpa, and it is located in a mountain structure known as the Cerro Apente Natural Reserve (including also several other hills). The area has been declared national reserve and it is a great place for hiking. The foot of the Apente hill is located right outside the city, less than 10 minutes from the center, which makes it a great trip to undertake when visiting Matagalpa.

Apante means 'sobre las piedras' in ancient Popoluca (or matagalpa) language. Many streams and small rivers come down from the top, and Apante even provides drinking water to the city. There are also several waterfalls on the hill. This abundance of water also creates a great setting for lush vegetation and a variety of wildlife. Animals that can be seen include squirrels, agoutis, butterflies, and spiders.

There are nice walking trails that lead to the top of the hill. From here, visitors have a superb view of the city of Matagalpa and its surroundings. It takes about two hours to reach the top and descend again to the foot of the hill (using two different trails). It is also possible to take another trail that takes five hours of hiking. Even more adventurous is the hike that crosses the Apente reserve, ultimately reaching the small town of San Ramón. This hike takes about 7 hours.

Although Apante is situated close to the city, it is not very easy to find the start of the trails without a guide. It is therefore recommended to hire a guide in Matagalpa. There is a small entrance fee that is used to maintain the trails.

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